Monday, June 20, 2011

On Fire

So, I'm only a small fantasy fan. I like it okay, but don't get a big thrill out of it. I liked the Harry Potter books, but the Lord of the Rings films weren't my favorite. However, I heard all the hype about Game of Thrones and even picked up HBO to watch it. Well, that was a very good decision on my part. The first couple episodes were just okay (it seemed to be written by 12 year old boys--"watch this guy's head get cut off! Cool! Let's show this girl naked!") but about half way through the season it seemed to find itself and more than made up for my time and financial investment. The last two episodes were flawless and the most exciting episodes of TV I've watched in a very long time. My heart was just pounding and my mouth was just hanging open. I especially love the character pictured above and the final reveal of the dragons. Fantastic. Now I have to decide whether to wait for the next season or spoil myself and read the books.

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