Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movie Time

Criterion announced their September titles yesterday, the two above being the most interesting to me. I already have the Madman edition of Les Cousins, but not Le Beau Serge, so I'm happy to get that one. I haven't seen The Phantom Carriage,but it looks good and one I'll try to get if Barnes and Noble has a sale in November.

Criterion also has a channel on Hulu, and it is great. They have a ton of films, many not yet in the collection proper (but hopefully will be). So far I've really liked the Korda films (both Zolton and Alexander) and hope they actually get to DVD at some point.

I actually went to the movie theater this week (!) and saw Midnight in Paris. It was excellent and well worth the trip out (and the really over priced popcorn). The Tree of Life's release date here is still a mystery--the official website said it should start playing here tomorrow, but the movie theater has no sign of it.

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