About the Blog

If you're reading this--welcome!

This blog is mostly me talking to myself. I talk about film, art, design, music, sports, and all things gay (including people who I wish that were).

Please feel free to comment/follow. Its much more fun to know someone actually reads what I write (not that I expect anyone to do so).

The name of the blog comes from a Japanese film called "The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice". In the film, the characters go to a pachinko parlor called "Bittersweet Lessons in Life Pachinko Parlor" and the name just made me laugh a bit to myself. I have found life to be most often bittersweet, so I thought the name would be sufficiently obscure yet appropriate. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good background picture of a pachinko parlor, but did find a good one of a laundromat, thus the change. Does it make sense? No, but so what.